We are all creators. Some create with paints, some with textiles, and some with technology. My creation is the written word. I  am a writer. Unpublished but still writing, nevertheless. I also use textiles and am rediscovering the beauty of my Bernina 1230. It was the top of the line sewing machine at time of purchase many years ago.

I’ve lived in the Nashville, TN area since 2005 and love it! Nashville isn’t just country music. It’s music across all genres. It’s the NFL Titans, NHL Predators, a world-class symphony, and theater. More recently, Nashville is a medical and automotive center.

In addition to writing, I play the part of a crazy cat lady.  Barbara and Oliver are my precious furballs.

We also have Emma, a rescue chihuahua/Jack Russell? mix. Emma




We have a hairy household, sometimes crazy household, but life is full of variety. I hope you enjoy my ramblings about life as I experience it.



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