Jersey Boys

Last night I cashed in a Christmas gift–two tickets to the Jersey Boys, a Tony Award-winning musical about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  What an awesome production!  Set designers are creative geniuses to think of all the ways to enhance a performance. 

The only downside was that someone brought a very young child and said child competed with the performers during the first act.  Hey people!  Get a sitter or stay home.  The rest of us paid for tickets to see and hear professionals.  Your kid isn’t one.  

I realize that sitters cancel out at the last minute leaving harried parents in a dilemma.  But please, think about the rest of us. 

With that off my chest, the production took my husband and me back to a time when we were young and foolish.  We didn’t know each other then.  If we had, we may not be together today.  It was fun reminiscing over the old songs.  So it’s off to iTunes and stocking up on Frankie Valli songs.

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