That Darn Rabbit

Have you ever been flipped off by a rabbit? Okay, so it didn’t literally show me the middle finger of his front paw, but I certainly felt like he did. This crazy rabbit has gnawed my pansies and rudbekia to nubs.

This morning he was in my flower patch and didn’t run when I came out of the house shouting, “Hey, fat rabbit!” In fact, I was about ten feet away from him before he took off. And I swear he shook his booty at me.

Such arrogance is akin to an all-out declaration of war. This afternoon I sprinkled Critter Ridder at the edge of the garden. The label says it keeps out dogs, cats, raccoon, and other animals. However, it doesn’t mention rabbits.

After planting dahlias, dianthus, and pincushion flowers, I don’t want to see the varmit again. Does Critter Ridder work against rabbits? We’ll see. In the meantime, does anyone need a pregnancy test performed the old fashioned way?

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