After a rather lengthy absence, I’m back to blogging. This has been an eventful summer with losing Charlie, adopting Oliver, and getting Charlie back. Then there were the two trips to the cabin and helping Angie and Adam move to their first house. That was when I lost my bookcase so for now I’m working among piles of books on the floor.

And here it is, nearly the end of August. I’m taking a mystery writing class online through Gotham Writers Workshop. Keeping up with assignments and critiques wasn’t easy with the trips to the cabin. We don’t have internet access – we don’t even have a flush toilet!

The internet situation probably isn’t going to change for the next few years, but we hope to have a toilet installed by next year. The inspector has okayed the location of the septic tank and the contractor is working on permits. All for the mere cost of one year’s tuition at a state university. The nex costly project will be to drill a well. We’re getting a little long in the tooth to forego amenities.

Let’s see – what else went on this summer? On Sunday the woman who is the voice of Peppermint Patty in the Peanuts movies sang a solo in church. I think that trumps dating Katie Couric in college, the minister’s claim to fame.

I guess that nearly wraps up the summer. This weekend we’re going to St. Louis for two baseball games – the Cardinals v. Washington Nationals. One of the Nationals is Josh Willingham, a young man we watched play high school basketball in Florence, Alabama for several years. Josh hit two grand slams in a single game last month, something that is more rare than pitching a perfect game. A very nice young man.

Speaking of Florence, Alabama, Stewart Cink, this year’s British Open winner is from there. He was a couple of years behind Melanie in high school. It was good to see him finally win a major. He sponsors a golf tournament every year in Florence to benefit The Healing Place, an organization that helps children deal with grief over the loss of a loved one.

Not all athletes are whining, drugging, irresponsible, oversexed babies.

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