Almost Time for the Mayans

Today is 12/12/12, and 12:12 p.m. will not happen again in our lifetime. Some people want to get married today because the date is “cute.” Furthermore, the date makes remembering anniversaries easier.

I wonder what people thought of the date in 1012. If a person born on December 12, 1012 saved a penny a day, he or she would have a whopping $3,652.50 today, not accounting for interest or inflation. That would buy a nice leather sofa.

The Crusades had not started and there was relative peace and religious tolerance in Palestine.

The Vikings (not the Minnesota ones) were raiding and exploring by sea.

In 1912, the last time there was a 12/12/12, William Howard Taft was President of the United States. The Titanic sank eight months ago. Arizona and New Mexico became states earlier in the year.

And today we have nine days until the world comes to an end according to the Mayan calendar. Am I worried? Not at all. Predictions of the demise of the world are greatly overrated. How many people will sit atop a mountain waiting for a giant meteorite or mega-earthquake to strike? How many people will be surprised to be alive on December 22? Probably all the ones with frozen tushies on that mountaintop.


2 thoughts on “Almost Time for the Mayans

    1. Mary Ingmire says:

      Every time someone makes an end-of-the-world prediction, some people sit around and wait for it to happen. Some sell everything they own, which doesn’t make sense. If the prediction is true, they aren’t going to need the money or stuff. I’ll have to check out that show.

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