The Oscars

Last night the big television moment was the Oscars. Now, I’m not opposed to award shows. However, it seems as though every month has at least one award show. I get the feeling that over time every one will get an award for participating in their chosen field, whether it’s acting or music. Sort of like five-year-old soccer or tee-ball.

What gets me about these awards is that the winners are hailed as heroes, omitting real heroes from the running. How about the soldier fighting overseas? What about the ones wounded or killed?

Recently, Middle Tennessee has experienced ghastly cold weather along with snow and ice. Aren’t the real heroes the ones who spend time in the streets finding the homeless to take them to warming shelters so they don’t freeze to death on a bench or in a doorway?

Many businesses and schools are closed because roads are too treacherous to travel safely. Police officers, firefighters, and hospital workers don’t have the option of staying in a warm cozy home. How many people would die if they did?

As I said before, I’m not opposed to award shows. But we need to set better priorities about who we dub as heroes. They aren’t the ones working for huge salaries plus a percentage of the profit. They are ordinary people doing extraordinary work.


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