Nuts About Nutcrackers

One thing I like about the holidays is that I get to bring out the nutcrackers and display them around the house. I have three that I keep  in my office year-round for inspiration when writing.

The Office Boys  I call these “The Office Boys.” Sherlock Holmes is on the right, the Hawaiian pool boy is in the middle, and Mardi Gras King is on the left.

I have the usual collection of traditional nutcrackers but, try as I might, I can’t stay classy. Gotta have the funk. Like these.

Moose King Moose King

Mouse Kings





Mouse Kings



And what Christmas is complete without Santa’s Toy Shop?



Santa Toy

Every Christmas needs a Nativity scene. I ran across these a few years ago while shopping at Target.






Christmas is a stressful time for many people. Too many crowds, too many parties, too much shopping, too little money. When I look at the nutcrackers I remember to chill and enjoy the season.

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