Happy New Year!

New YearI haven’t made New Year’s resolutions in twenty plus years. For some reason, they seemed appropriate this year. “Appropriate” makes it sound like I deliberately sat down to write them out. Not the case.

Since awakening my blog from its Rip Van Winkle sleep, I’ve been trying to journal once a week. Today’s episode of journaling led to thinking about things I want to accomplish this year, both with writing and personally. So I made a list and called it New Year’s resolutions.

I started out with five things, mostly to do with writing goals. Then some other ideas came to me. I’m up to seven items.

Will they get done? It’s hard to say at this point. If the past is any indication, then I’ll have to say, “No.” I stopped doing resolutions and goals a long time ago because it was hard to stick to them. Life gets in the way. But maybe this year will be my year.

I’m getting older and time is growing short to do everything I want to get done. All those books in my Kindle need to be read. All those books on my shelf need to be read. All those stories in my head need to be written. All those places I want to visit need to be seen. I probably have fifty years’ worth of stuff to do without adding anything else. Here’s to 2016!

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