Chasing Rabbits

When I hear the phrase, “Chasing Rabbits,” it usually refers to getting off the subject and going far afield of the topic at hand. This morning I literally chased a rabbit. It was helping itself to the vegetation in the flower garden I installed last year.

Don’t get me wrong. I love rabbits and don’t mind having them in the yard. But there are limits. Eating what I so meticulously planted last year is one limit. That garden patch looked okay last summer but there were things that didn’t grow and bloom like I hoped. Believe it or not, they are coming back this year. And now that stupid rabbit wants to eat them.

It looks like my major spring activity will be chasing said rabbit. I know it has to eat, but why can’t it eat grass? Better yet, why can’t it eat the neighbors’ plants?

2 thoughts on “Chasing Rabbits

  1. bjhill1318 says:

    But how is the rewrite coming??? I know about “chasing rabbits” because that seems to be what I’m doing right now instead of writing as I should be.

    1. Mary Ingmire says:

      LOL! Sometimes we chase rabbits to keep from doing what needs to be done. The fellow that read my submission said he washes a lot dishes when it’s time for him to write. I’ve found that getting out of the house to do my writing works for me. The library is a great place. I have a friend who does much of her writing at Panera.

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