What’s This?

I went out this morning to look at a planting bed in the backyard and found some strange things growing there. They obviously grew from seeds and there were lots of them peppering the plot. The seeds must have blown out of the trees in the woods behind our house.

We get privacy from those woods but we also get samples of whatever is back there. Like the seeds that grew those funny little plants. Or the rabbit that likes to eat the things I’ve planted instead of funny little plants that come from seeds of something in the woods. Oh yes! I can’t leave out the foxes, possums, and raccoons that manage to find their way into the yard. The fox likes to leave an occasional fragrant pile on our walkway or in the driveway. Have to step carefully when we go out for the paper in the morning.

Then Ralph, the neighborhood cat, wanders through. Last summer I had a pot of catnip on the wall of the bed and he liked to come over to get his daily high. Barbara and Charlie didn’t care for that very much, but they’re indoor cats so they couldn’t stop him.

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