Traveling Light

This morning’s page had an article on packing light for your summer vacation. Today is October 7. Okay, so some people may be headed for the southern hemisphere in the next few months. Or, I guess it applies if you plan a Caribbean getaway in January.

The premise for packing light is to plan layers and take multipurpose clothes. Now this assumes that you are not traveling with children. The only way the packing light plan will work is if you have no chance of being barfed or peed on, or touched with dirty little hands.

The first item to take is a short tunic. It serves as a top over a skirt or a bathing suit coverup. As a bathing suit cover, I think you would have to avoid sunscreen and getting said bathing suit wet. The sunscreen leaves oily rings and wet bathing suit leaves salty rings on the tunic.

The same goes for the summer dress. If it’s beach friendly during the day, those oil and salt spots aren’t going to look glamorous at night.

Another suggestion was to use your bathing suit as “another item in your interchangeable wardrobe.” It makes a nice tank top for those khaki pants or capris – if you don’t mind the aroma of sunscreen, assuming the bathing suit is dry. And remember, you must undress to go to the bathroom.

A jersey wrap dress takes you “to the beach, to visit churches and to dinner.” That wrap dress is getting a little funky by the time you wear it to dinner.

Another suggestion is packing three pairs of microfiber underpants. You can wash them out at night and they will be dry in the morning. Have you ever tried to dry clothes in the humidity of a beach?

All the jersey and filmy clothes are great for someone whose weight hasn’t changed since high school graduation. But some people need to remain standing if they wear jersey. Jersey clings and when you sit, you have all the rolls of the Michelin tire man.

The article didn’t suggest taking a bottle of Febreeze. It does wonders to alleviate funky aromas. The problem is that everyone within fifty feet knows by the scent that you’re covering up a funky aroma.

Some of us were destined to travel with everything but the kitchen sink.

One thought on “Traveling Light

  1. Jill Englett says:

    The discrimination against us more mature people who like to try the excellent cuisine at the destinations we visit continues.


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