Ima think Ima gonna live

This winter was a hard one. I think it was a hard winter even for people accustomed to having subfreezing temperatures and snow measured in feet instead of inches.

Just imagine what it was like for those of us who live where the annual snowfall is one to two inches – in a day. By day three, it’s all gone.

This year we had weeks when the thermometer never reached above freezing. And inches and inches of snow between layers of ice. Gray skies and strong winds added to my misery.

Today, however, the sun came out and the temperature currently is sixty degrees with a light breeze. I went outside and pulled dead stuff out of the flower beds and dug up weeds before they went to seed. Why God created weeds I’ll never know.

A day like today makes me believe that winter truly on its way out.

3 thoughts on “Ima think Ima gonna live

  1. ashleyolsonrosen says:

    I think it’s time to clean out our fireplaces and put away the gloves … let this yucky winter be gone!! Of course, that will bring us solidly into Muddy Paw season, and I’ll whine about that, but at least I’ll whine in warmth!

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