No Regrets

Miss Carpenter, my ninth grade biology teacher, once said to our class, “Be careful what you wish for.  You may get it.”  Last week I wished to wake up to a sunny day and have the sunshine remain throughout the day.  Today I got my wish.  Hey, Miss Carpenter!  I’m not sorry!

After the great flood of May 2, 2010, we’ve had lots of cloudy days with high humidity.  And there has been even more rain, although not the 18 inches we got in early May.  Sunshine at 7 am consistently turned to overcast by ten o’clock.  Add high humidity, and you have an unpleasant May and early June.

Not today.  Sunshine early lasted all day.  Now it’s after 5 pm (CDT) and no clouds are in sight.  A breeze, low humidity, and birds singing in the woods make sitting on the patio a pleasure.  I also don’t regret not being eaten by mosquitoes.  It’s a great day in the neighborhood!

2 thoughts on “No Regrets

  1. Marti says:

    I can see you sitting on your porch having your first cup of coffee before Jim’s world famous pancakes! Enjoy!!!

    1. Mary Ingmire says:

      The nice thing about retirement is that we plan our day in whatever fashion we want. We knock off around mid-afternoon and enjoy time on the patio. By then the sun has moved to the front of the house. We sip cool drinks and watch birds, squirrels, and rabbits.

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