The Woodpecker Who Wouldn’t Peck Wood

We have a fairly large deck at our cabin in Canada.  When a certain friend was still able to go to the cabin for Neanderthal Week (what else can you call it when three middle-aged men spend a week in the woods?), he dragged three dead branches of varying lengths and shapes out of the woods and attached them to the deck rails.  Voila!  Free bird feeder poles.

One pole holds a hummingbird feeder, and the other two hold feeders filled with sunflower seeds and a sock filled with thistle.

A mixed up hairy woodpecker visited them all and decided he really needed a sugar fix.  Somehow he managed to hold on to the perch and suck down nectar.

Occasionally he goes to the feeder with the sunflower seeds.  He pulls out seeds and throws them on the ground for the chipmunks.

The surprising thing is that he often perched on our wooden “poles” and showed no interest in engaging in normal woodpecker behavior.  The only time we heard a woodpecker noise was when a pileated one checked our utility pole for bugs.

One thought on “The Woodpecker Who Wouldn’t Peck Wood

  1. Joan Johnson says:

    Mary, I had heard you were having health problems. Know that I am praying for you. i don’t have your email address and hope you will get this post. Joan

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