A Room of My Own

Virginia Woolf wrote that women fiction writers needed an independent income and a room of their own to work properly and become famous.  When Angie got married I converted her bedroom to a room of my own.  Still working on that independent income.

Desk and Storage Space

I can close up the mess in an instant.  The armoire was originally purchased for storage in a condo we rented when we moved to Nashville.  The room had no closet and I got tired of seeing Jim’s office stuff scattered all over.  By the way, he has a room of his own.

The Tangible Muses

Hawaiian pool boy and Sherlock Holmes.  What more could a writer want?


Hemingway had a six-toed cat whose descendants populate Key West.  I have three cats with normal feet who will never have descendants.  This is Charlie.




Barbara empties my wastebasket and taps my elbow – frequently.  The trunk on the left came from Marshall’s.  It holds “stuff” I need for quick reference.  Otherwise, everything would be on the floor. for Oliver’s amusement.  He loves to tear paper.


Oliver, my third cat, prefers sleeping on the bed.  He is easily confused with Charlie.  Occasionally I have to see them together to tell them apart.

Book Wall

Jim built and hung (hanged?) these boxes.  Still have room to add more boxes if necessary.  They make organizing books easy.

I like college-ruled marble composition books for everyday writing.  Office Depot puts them on sale for 99 cents in late July, early August, and in January.

I’m considering moving out the bed and putting in a large table because I manage to spread papers everywhere.  Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “A Room of My Own

  1. ashleyolsonrosen says:

    Totally impressed! Merits a spread in Better Homes & Gardens! And a very attractive collections of kitties, too …

    1. Mary Ingmire says:

      I wouldn’t go as far as Better Homes & Gardens. Too much cat hair. There’s still plenty of tweaking to do, however. It has been a fun project.

  2. Michel says:

    I love the jester’s hat. I doubt the kittehs do though, haha. Hope you’re doing well and will be writing on here again soon. 🙂 Perhaps the 10 Things I Love post I tagged you in? (nudge nudge)

    1. Mary Ingmire says:

      Thanks, Michel, for reading and commenting. The kittehs don’t care much for playing dress up. I have been lax with my writing lately and expect to get back too it very soon. Appreciate your nudge. Hope you are doing well. Sometime when we’re in town you’ll have to join us for dinner.

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