Blizzard of January 10, 2011

Big snow storm predicted for tomorrow throughout North Alabama and Middle Tennessee.  Accumulations for our area are all over the weather map – 1″ according one source and up to 15″ according to another.

As I scrolled through my Facebook page the comments by friends and friends of friends struck me as quite funny.  They reminded me of a skit a radio station did in Charlotte, NC when I was a teenager.  “An ameba was spotted east of Charlotte on Highway 74.”  Listeners that had a clue called the station and reported other ameba sightings and the reports were broadcast.  Otherwise there was a minor panic in town and the station apologized the next day.

The blizzard may or may not occur.  However, the comments on Facebook are worth reading.  The identities of the posters are omitted to protect their privacy.

Starting to feel very hopeful.  Come on phone, bring me some happy news.

One woman’s hopeful is another woman’s despair!  I was just getting in the “yay! kids are back in school” groove and getting my house tidied from the Christmas break.

Our school is already canceled for tomorrow and the first snowflake has not even fallen

I don’t want a snow day.

Alabama is now closed for the winter.  See y’all on Tuesday at the latest.

Just got the call – Lauderdale County Schools closed tomorrow…. And not a snowflake in the sky yet.  LOL!  I TOLD you that’s how it would go down!

Jersey schools called at 6PM to say that there would be a half day of school on Friday, then called again at 5 am to cancel…… once again wish we were in Alabama…

Gov. Riley declares State of Emergency in Alabama

Florence Walmart is out of milk.  Shocking, I know.

Wilson Dam is closed

Snowing now in B’ham and Hamilton–moving our way. The hospitals are asking staff to come in early and to bring clothes for 3 days plus bedrolls.

Was scheduled to go to work at 5:30, but is very glad to hunker down for the evening because of the snow and ice.

Snow is reported to hit Franklin around midnight. Franklin Streets crews will be in before the snow begins to fall to load salt trucks and hit the primary and secondary streets throughout the night. Up to 5 inches is expected by Williamson County Emergency Management.

Waiting to get stuck at work because of the snowpocolypse….

6 thoughts on “Blizzard of January 10, 2011

  1. says:

    This is hilarious! I can feel your pain about the southern snow situation. How I LOVE my FDAATH. (First Day Alone After the Holidays) Alas, ain’t gonna happen. I grew up in Charlotte, and my son just drove back to college in Alabama yesterday. His ‘bowling class’ starts tomorrow, and I told him he better not dare drive to any bowling alley in a state that has declared a national emergency!

    1. Mary Ingmire says:

      Unless your son in school north of Birmingham, the chances of his being affected by the snow are slim. Typical over-reaction in the state. Thanks for reading.

  2. Mary Ingmire says:

    I just ran across this post on Facebook and it was too funny to omit:

    With all that snow on the ground, all my wife does is look thru the window. If it gets any deeper I’m going to have to let her in.

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