Writers Knowledge Base

You saw pictures of my office book shelves on a previous post.  I frequently refer to my writing library when I’m ready to start a project or get stumped on a work in progress.  I keep loose-leaf binders with writing tips I’ve printed from the internet.  After using a few reams of paper and countless ink cartridges to fill the binders, Elizabeth Spann Craig and Mike Fleming developed the ultimate online binder.  They call it the Writers Knowledge Base.  Have a question about mystery writing?  Enter the terms in the search box and up come nearly 3,000 links to related articles.

WKB sends a monthly newsletter that contains “links to the most popular articles during the previous month, blogger profiles, news, tips, and whatever else we can think of that might be of interest to writers.”  Elizabeth also includes a link to an Ebook services finder that helps writers find “cover designers, freelance editors, ebook formatters, and more.”

Did I mention all of this is free?  The price is right, news almost as good as the website itself.

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