Flash Fiction 1

Flash fiction is a great story form for a culture accustomed to ten second sound bytes for news. The story is no longer than 1,000 words and sometimes no more than 300 words. Following is my first attempt at flash fiction, a mere 180 words:

Marcy’s forehead was covered with perspiration.  She felt sweat run down her back.  This was her final chance to clear the path, but objects kept falling in her way.  First, a rock, then a shell, then another rock.  She sighed and took a deep breath.  Her fingers were stiff and sore.  She paused long enough to stretch one hand, then the other.  She shifted her position slightly and watched her cat approach.

The crab on the path wiggled its protruding eyes.  It waved its front claws at her as if to say, “I’m still stuck here.”

“Be careful with those claws,” she warned.  “They have the best meat.”

Marcy kept one eye on the clock and one on her cat.  Not much time left.  The path still wouldn’t clear.  The crab continued to mock her with its eyes and claws.  Marcy’s heart pounded.  She worked faster.

Finally!  The crab made a few steps forward.  Almost to the end.  Then time ran out.  The cat jumped into her lap and Marcy threw her iPad across the room.  “Stupid game!” she said.

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