It’s Hotter Than . . .

It’s 102 degrees here in middle Tennessee.  That’s twelve degrees warmer than Kabul, Afghanistan.

I got to thinking about weather cliches like, “It’s so hot you can fry an egg on a sidewalk.”  Don’t believe I would try that because the egg will probably stick.  Yuck!

Here are a few more:

It’s hotter than . . .

       a clearance sale at Wal-Mart.

       a Rolex from Marty down on the corner.

       menopause in July.

It’s so hot . . .

       I saw trees competing for a dog.

       a funeral procession stopped at Sonic for an M & M Blast.

       I’m getting hot water out of both taps.

       my patio furniture is standing on one leg.

        cows are giving hot chocolate.

       the ice machine in front of 7/11 is panting.

The bad part is there is no relief in sight. 





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