Back Up!

Yesterday I wanted to scan a sketch I made to my computer and then put it into Scrivener. The sketch was a floor plan of my main character’s home. Simple to do. I’ve done it without problems before.

Well! When I pushed the “Start” button to scan I got a “Computer Connection Error” message. After thirty minutes or so of frustrated piddling, I went to Goggle to solve the problem.

In the end, all I needed to do was update my printer software. This is for the Lexmark S315 I bought at Big Lots three years ago for $50.

Software updated and I got the same error message. I’m not one to walk away from a machine’s challenge. Between Google and more piddling I finally got the crap sketch to scan. Somehow I managed to do it through image capture.

After the victory dance, I decided it was time to clean up some files. Files cleaned up, my computer was ready for work this morning – except the Dropbox icon on the top bar was gone. No problem. I went to “Applications” and clicked on it. Nothing happened. Not good.

I hadn’t saved the 4,000+ words I’ve written so far anywhere else. At the end of today all is well in my world and I’m ready for an adult beverage. The moral to my story is to always, ALWAYS back up your work in more than one place.


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