Lessons and Carols

On the third Sunday of Advent, my church has a service of Lessons and Carols. Last Sunday, as the choir began to sing “Let There Be Peace on Earth,” Aleppo immediately popped into my head and it stayed with me through the entire song.

Certainly, there is no peace in Aleppo. While Christians celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace, people in that town are being murdered and starved. While parents in my community scour the stores to find that last-minute must-have gift their child wants, parents in Aleppo watch their children die.

Why did that city enter my head at that time? I was perfectly content to listen to a fantastic choir sing a beautiful song. It’s the season for me to have warm fuzzies, not discomfort.

We should do something! Prayer vigils. Done. Yard signs. Done. Denounce the evil. Done. Start a petition. Done. Demand an end to the fighting. Done. And the killing goes on.

Dare I say it? It’s going to take military intervention to stop the killing, but no one wants another protracted war in the Middle East. So people continue to die.

And I’m left haunted by chaos in Aleppo while the choir sings, “Let There Be Peace On Earth.”

Aftermath of bombing
Aftermath of bombing


Praying for peace




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