Happy 2019!

Here I go reinventing myself and my blog one more time. As someone easily distracted by shiny things, my blogging fell apart in 2017.

My theme word for 2019 is “Better.” I hope to do better this year than in the past. I hope to have a better year than in the past. 2018 ended on a sad note. I hope to be a better person than in the past. Perhaps my phrase should be, “Hope for better.”

I’ve left the old posts just to show I’m not a newbie at this. It also shows how I’m easily distracted and have a variety of interests. The variety of interests is also reflected in the new blog name.

Years ago I went to the career counselor at the University of Houston at Clear Lake to get help with deciding what I should do with my working life. After getting the results of the test, she told me I had a problem. Duh! I scored high or very high interest in six out of seven career categories. So here I am, 30+ years later, living on Medicare and Social Security, still wondering what I should be when I grow up.

Maybe we do ourselves a disservice by limiting our choices. I understand the need for financial security in old age but I wonder about personal fulfillment across the the lifespan. How do we reconcile the two needs? If I figure it out, you’ll read about it here, or maybe you’ll buy my new book. (That’s supposed to be funny.)

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