preample-constitution-american-flag-11728113I try hard to stay out of political fights, especially when those fights are more about character assassination than party platform and issues.

The problem, however, is that no matter how hard my brain tells me to stay out of it, my mouth ignores my brain. This will be my only post on presidential matters (that statement comes from my brain. My mouth is laughing hysterically.).

Donald Trump was elected to be President of the United States. Say what you want about the Electoral College system, changing it isn’t going to change the outcome of this election. Like it or not, Trump will be inaugurated on January 20.

I’ve read many declarations of, “He’s not my president.” We-l-l, he is if you live in the US. You would do better saying, “He doesn’t speak for me when he spouts hateful rhetoric.”

And that’s my point. The hateful things that come out of his mouth, are his opinions, not mine. Sure, he finds an audience that will praise him, but for me to respond hatefully toward him and his followers is hypocritical. Hate is hate regardless of whose mouth puts it out there.

I think the next four years would be better served by grassroots movements. We need to hold our elected officials, whether local school board members, state legislators, Congress members, and our President, accountable for what they say and do. When issues come up, let them know what you think, agreeing or disagreeing.

Take part in the political process as much as possible. Give active support to candidates you like. Run for office yourself. Be sure to vote every time the opportunity arises. Encourage others to vote.

If you are a person of faith who believes in prayer, pray for our leaders daily. If religion isn’t your thing, send positive thoughts their way. Let them know what avenue you have chosen.

It’s time for us, we the people, to stay awake and stay aware.








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