What if my house burned down?

Have you heard the one about Jesus and Satan getting into a typing competition? The winner would be the one who put the most pages into MS Word. In the last hour of the contest, the power went out and both computers shut down. When the power came back on, Satan was dismayed that everything he typed for the duration of the contest was lost. But Jesus wasn\’t worried. Why? Because Jesus saves.

I\’ve become meticulous about saving my work on a flash drive in case my computer dies. But what if my house burns down and the flash drive melts? I thought about that and started e-mailing my work to myself for storage.

Now Microsoft introduced a better solution – Office Live Workspace. I use my Hotmail address and password to set up an account. At the end of every writing session I upload it to my Workspace.

I like Workspace because I can use it from any computer to edit my work. Also, the gadget allows me to make the work available to a friend or editor. No e-mailing attachments to someone and then having them send attachments back. It\’s all right there.

Other companies may offer the same service. Workspace happened to hit me in the face when I started up my computer.

One thought on “What if my house burned down?

  1. Julia Keith says:

    Thank you for that bit of advice. (Did you know you’d given it?) My computer was re-set last night, requiring volumes of updates. Office Live was there and I couldn’t guess what I needed it for…now I’ll check further!

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