Good Friday

Christians all over the world observe Good Friday today. I use the word “observe” because “celebrate” seems inappropriate. Christian tradition holds the Friday before Easter to be the day Christ was crucified. That’s not exactly a reason to celebrate.

There are those Christians who do not observe Easter because it’s an inexact date. They hold that, like Christmas, we don’t know when these events occurred so fixing any date is man-made, not from God.
I think they get so hung up on the technicality that they forget the significance of the events.

On Good Friday I am reminded of my flighty nature and general disobedience to the will of God. The non-politically correct term is “sin.”

I marvel how Jesus was so close to God that he did the right thing, even if it meant losing his life because he went against the cultural grain.

The Christmas name for Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us. His Easter name is Savior. The saving grace of God.

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