I Saw The Sun!

For a few moments late this afternoon, the sun came out. It’s a big deal because we’ve had almost constant rain since Thursday, and today is Tuesday. Although today was overcast, it hasn’t rained.

I went outside to see what’s happening in the back yard. The first thing I noticed was a broken bird’s egg on my deck. Where did that come from? No nests in the hanging baskets, so it may have dropped out of the sky. It was broken, of course, but there was no puddle of eggy goo on the deck. Speaking of birds, my second generation of bluebirds must be an abandoned nest. The eggs are still there, one has a hole in it, but I think some bugs or something did that.

The other thing I decided while outside, is that I wish I had taken art or botany. Last year I drew a diagram of where everything went, but it’s too inaccurate to be much help this year. To make matters worse, some things didn’t grow last year and now I don’t know what’s coming up. I also planted pansies last fall and they just add to the confusion. They didn’t grow or bloom through the winter. They just sat there, and continue to sit. I don’t have the heart to pull them out.

But who would have thought that two little lamb’s ear plants would grow like crazy? They’ve multiplied exponentially. I had to move some coral bells to a better location so they wouldn’t be eaten by the lamb’s ears.

So I have all this stuff coming up, and I’m not entirely sure what it is. Some are obviously weeds, but the rest will have to grow some more before I decide what to do with it. Farming is hard.

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